Cuppachino's  German Learning Notes 1. März 2010

One Year

Good-bye  Feb-ru-ar-y...
Hallo märz!

I have reached my German
1-year mark.

Behold all the treasures
I have seen.

What a splendid journey
it has been!

February 28, 2010

Written to a 9-syllable meter (6+3)
Sing to the tune of «Happy Birthday»


And, so it is...  the 1 year birthday, in my German learner life!

Jaaa: The original inspiration that started it all. Your early lessons, and all the resources you provided are still being used to this date. Truly, you've broadened my horizons on many levels and opened up a whole new world for me.  Naja, Nadja... I shall forever treasure our FfL pact.

Jess: I'd have remained a sideline learner, had you not compelled me to just dive in and start practicing. You got me thru awkwardness, surviving on broken sentences. The rest just seem to have come naturally. And, what a monster you've created!  For that (and the beautiful friendship)... I thank you!  Hey, it's a long way from "O Tannenbaum"  ;)   Du kannst noch mir sehr gefallen!

Coco: What an amazing youngster with advanced skills! You rapidly became my primary tutor. I've learnt the bulk of my nuts-and-bolts from you. Incredibly, we've become unlikely buddies, where I morph between your clever little brother, and a cool uncle figure. Voll toll, ne?!  :D  
I can never thank you enough, for being so generous, dependable, patient and fun!

Bine: Just when I thought I couldn't possibly top the dream team I've assembled... you came along—a Gymnasium Lehrerin in English and History with 25 years of experience! I'm fortunate to have my own authoritative advisor. My deep gratitude and admiration, to my great last-but-not-least mentor, "big sis" and fellow thinker!

Special thanks to Steve, for taking the time to explore my other endeavors; and to Dagmar, for introducing me to Annett Louisan. Both of you have contributed many rounds of substantive quality advice. I'm moved by such heart-warming altruism. Though I have regrettably failed to keep in touch more often (due to sheer lack of time), you have been in my thoughts.

To camaraderie, enlightenment and joy!

To not learn, is death of the soul. -scc


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