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Ich feiere gerade mein 2. Jubiläum in Deutsch lernen

1. März 2011

Celebrating my 2nd Anniversary in German Learning         

Mein Abschlussprüfung
  Cuppa singt a-cappella:
Nur wer noch träumen kann
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Von nun an, muss ich wirklich Grammatik studieren, weil
« Ich bin nur ein Anfänger »
keine Ausrede mehr ist!




Jetzt muss ich endlich nicht mehr meinem Alter in Monaten sagen. Uiii!

 Ich dachte, es wäre angebracht, der Anlass zu feiern,

I thought it'd be fitting to celebrate
the occasion with music by Beethoven.

mit ein bisschen Musik von


Der Cuppa singt:

Nur wer noch träumen kann


Natürlich, Ich bin kein Sänger. Ich bin nur ein Mensch, der Musik liebt. Ich gab sich alle Mühe der Welt, das Lied nur annähernd so gut zu singen wie das Original von Helene Fischer. Hoffentlich würdest du mein Versuch interessant finden. Manchmal weiß ich nicht, ob ich mutig oder einfach total verrückt bin. :)

Clearly, I'm no singer. My voice is very weak and of limited range. Lacking training and practice, my techniques are poor. I am relatively pitch-accurate, however, and have good sense of rhythm. I minored in music in my undergraduate college, and have extensive studies in musicianship and theories.

Thus, this is an exercise in humility and courage —not a demonstration of singing skills. As my amateur attempt does not even remotely do this song justice, I invite you to listen to the original by Helene Fischer, in her splendid glory.

Dec. 31, 2011  Apparently, I didn't stop at my March 1 debut... I've thus far posted 7 songs, with more to come next year.

This is indeed the "little top-secret project" which I mentioned last month. Actually, the singing was only half of it. That idea came to me about 6 weeks ago, and it took me 3 weeks to learn the German lyrics and sing it without major pauses and hesitations. At that point, my work and other duties suddenly became extremely busy, and I was simply too exhausted to proceed to part 2 of that project. It's currently being postponed indefinitely (but certainly not cancelled). Stay tuned... Mal sehen.

A subtle philoso-phical point:

Notice that I didn't say "I can't sing..." That's because I know I can. Whenever others say that, I'd point out: All of us can sing, albeit not good at it.  Also, das ist der Cuppageist. Moral of the day: If lil' Cuppa can do it, so can you!

Life is too short to forever restrict ourselves to singing only during shower or while driving. In fact, I started using a tagline on this site in March 2009, and it's been a permanent fixture ever since:

 Sing mit mir ein kleines Lied,
dass die Welt in Frieden lebt.
(Songtext von Nicole)

More German Singing  by Me

Production Tidbits

Back in May 2009, when I tried to sing "Die Lorelei," I discovered that it's crucial to have either official sheet music, or some sort of singing scripts.

The primary objectives are to: 1. indicate start of measures/bars, and 2. to annotate the alignment of syllables with notes.

I developed a crude-but-effective notation which I have successfully used many times. It is also quite self-explanatory.

Here's my script for this song.

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Sing mit mir ein kleines Lied, dass die Welt in Frieden lebt.