NOV 30, 2011


my German

  My big 2011 Calendar  from Germany     

Hier ist mein großer Kalender. Es zeigt Szenen aus Hong Kong. Alle Bilder wurden von einem deutschen Fotografen aufgenommen.

This is my favorite picture, in the entire calendar.
Nov 30, 2011:  tausend Farben, tausend Gefühle tausend Träume fliegen im Wind...      Vollbild

Without a doubt, this is inspired by the stock market.  Oops... My guess was wrong!
Nov 30, 2011: I found out these
are Buddy Bears: An international project initiated by two people from Berlin.
What an interesting Germany-Hongkong connection!

A tradition and daily ritual, from the colonial days.

The famous Star Ferry. The bell tower in background is what remains of the old train station.

Yeah, the calendar has 12 full months, but I just showcase the months with pictures I like as highlights.


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