Original: NOV 26, 2010
Translated: DEC 7, 2010


 My Candles & I  Cuppa plays with Letter Blocks

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 So, I have recently received a gift from Germany. I believe I'm supposed to make a sentence from it.
 (It's sort of like a learning game.)   But, what does it say?   Hmmm...


 Third?  Why not first or second instead? Or, even 4th or 5th?


 Hehe, that sounds really weird. "Flower power" too, or? Well, but then it'd be with -ie not -y.


 I'm not so sure about this "hippy trend."   "Dry" doesn't go well at all with "bath."


 Huh??! I'm no Papa!   Hybrid? Between??   In any case: What shalt one do with thy hybrid papa?


 OK... but did you have fun from hip upward or downward?   Oh, never mind!


Exactly!  I'm now sweating from frustrations.  Alfie, Alfie, help me!!  I've even read the instructions in English, German and French. That still doesn't tell me anything, other than "don't run with burning candles," etc. Perhaps the hints are given only in Russian (or something like that). I wonder if this game is labeled as "suitable for children 6-year and older", which would definitely be above my level. ;)


 Now I must look at the package itself...    Ahha! There's actually my explicit clue!


 With this big hint, I can finally do it properly! YAY!!!  It says: Happy Birthday!


 Look! I made this smiley from my birthday candles. The candles here somehow remind me of cheddar
 cheese dice.  They look really yummy!


 I now celebrate with Marzipan!  Would you like a couple of mini "potatoes"?  Mmm... Very good!



 Ladies and Gentlemen, here's Double-Smiley. Awww, isn't he doubly sweet & doubly cute?
 Wow! That really looks like some pineapple!  DoublePlusGood!!  ++Good!!


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