A Formal Critique: Cocolade's German Teaching Skills

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  • by Cuppachino

      November 12, 2009

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    From the subjective perspective of a beginner learner, who happens to be an aspiring teacher, with good awareness of teaching theories and education system/process in general.
    • Competent German Usage
      • Good mastery of grammatical details
      • A very healthy vocabulary
      • Habitual self-improvement,
        self-evident on-going efforts
    • Proof-Reading
      • Remarkable attention to details
      • Catches an amazing amount of mistakes
      • Holistic focus, often noticing issues outside the scope of requested tasks
    • Translating
      • able to perform on-the-fly translation for most sentences
      • attention to details, emulate original style/structure whenever possible
      • able to detect/declare her own limits with sentences that are beyond her abilities
    • Pronunciation & Accents
      • judged to be highly standard (per my other mentors)
      • clear & deliberate enunciation, with optimal pace
    • Colloquialism
      • good familiarity with it, and screens out only "socially acceptable" ones
      • socializing vs. teaching modes (a percentage thing, never pure)
        • always indicate "Umgangssprache" when newly introduced
        • throttles frequency of annotations and corrections accordingly over time
    • Understanding & Patience
      • knows what the learner suffers in
      • understands the logistical details, avoiding needless explanations and questioning
      • ability to streamline, rearrange, summarize, without critical omissions
      • provides ample annotation where confusion is anticipated
      • doesn't mind repeated rounds of clarification & confirmation
    • Attitude & Approach
      • stresses "I don't want to tell you something wrong"
      • appropriate qualifiers added, in instances where she has some doubt about her answers
      • proactive clarification, to ensure proper understanding of learner's request/inquiry
      • candid in disagreements and pointing out flaws
    • Teaching Techniques
      • effective use of word/sentence games as teaching aid
      • skillfully employ repetition and offer reviews at strategic intervals
      • good instinct in grouping and mentioning related items
      • sensing the need for, and provision of contextual/background information
      • emphasis of keeping it relevant & fun, thus increasing motivation
      • always keeping topics and activities fresh
      • good judgment in what mistakes to overlook, what to bring up & discuss
      • very caring, encouraging; and genuinely pleased when learner shows progress
      • consistent & effective use of notations
      • relatively competent and well-equipped in technological aspects
    • Communication Skills
      • superb inter-personal communication skills overall
      • relatively strong English abilities, particularly in written form
      • excellent cultural understanding of American society, able to relate well
      • precise & concise style of chat
      • remarkably courteous!
      • great sense of humor!

     Weaknesses (see comments below)
     As judged by full-fledged professional teacher standards

    • Formal Grammatical Knowledge
      • generally weak
      • not very familiar with advanced formal grammatical terms and exact concepts
      • unable to explain complex situations, due to lacking of advanced articulation level
      • unable to make authoritative general statements, due to insufficient data/experience
    • Real world knowledge & experience
      • lacks authoritative statistics, on some regional aspects of linguistics beyond known accents
    • Slightly timid
      • particularly in verbal English
    • These are my candid personal (yet highly objective) assessment of an obviously precocious young person, with a fascinating mind and quite unique approach to life.
    • "Teaching" is used in the sense of 1-on-1 tutorage/mentoring, not formal structured curriculum-based teaching in a classroom environment.
    • If the weakness section were to be written in terms of "consider the young age of the teacher", it wouldn't be very interesting, as the entire section can be reduced to 1 word: "none"
    • When things are generally wonderful, it'd be more productive to elevate the standards, and provide an magnified examination, so as to cite the slightest flaws.
    • As such, the points raised here should be regarded as long-term (next 30 years) improvement objectives, not for immediate concerns

    Deutsch Lernen, meine Stärke - Meine Stärke, Menschheit Macht.
    Coco's teaching, Cuppa's gain - Cuppa's gain, Coco's amusement.

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