1. Mai 2010
21. Mai aktualisiert


 Cuppa Doodle 

Pet: What's that?
Girl: It's an airplane.
Pet: Looks like a giant Easter Egg.
Girl: Hehe... You're right!
...a deep voice in the background:  Think viewpoint, perspective & time, kids!

See the photo that inspired this sketch

 Ja, manchmal schreibe ich ein bisschen in Französisch.

 The new 2010 E-Smart        See Full size version with commentary.

 German Learning is Fun!   Cuppachino's Trabi    May 1, 2010   Commencement of my doodling series



(Symbolizing obstacles in life)
Robot, Frog and Heart


Cocolade at TU professor's
Summerfest with colleagues.

No! I would not ride
that silly kid's bike!

Reduced image.  See original size.
Neon chalk blackboard version

and now>>>
Astronomy version
>>> Sterne Poster version


it's important to peek outside
the window now and then ^^

a very wise quote by Cocolade

So true! And, from now on,
I'll always say that too,
but in a metaphorical sense.

See Whiteboard version

 Updated: I've completely redrawn the head.  Now with prettier face, nicer hair and a cute beret + a pet.    see ORIGINAL



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