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Ein Universalgelehrter und ein aufstrebend Polyglotter. A polymath and an aspiring polyglot.

Ein zukünftiger Germanist, auch ein stolzer Germanophile. A future germanist and a proud germanophile.


To:  My English-speaking visitors December 30, 2015

With recent shift in demographics and surge of U.S. web traffic,
a backgrounder for my current cohort of anglophone viewers is in order.
This should stem the tide of FAQs received.

From inception, majority of my visitors have been Germansexcept on odd occasions when I happened to talk about it with someone here in the U.S.  

I created Sam's German Learning in late 2008, near the end of my French learning phase, as a single long page, comprising my random study notes. The anecdotal tale of my German start, and the ensuing profound impacts on my life, exemplify the word serendipity.

From March 2009 to March 2012, I devoted serious efforts to learning German. Conversational fluency and grammatical skills were not my emphasis. Instead, I focused on cultural understanding, and gaining access to literature and documents, etc.  That also led me to delve into European history.

Who is Cuppachino?  That's the alias I used in my German life.  A "cuppa" is Brit slang for a "brew" (no, not alcohol... but tea!)  "Chino" is my pseudo-Spanish silly speaks (2001~2008) for "Chinese." So Cuppachino roughly translates to "tea-guzzling Chinese."  My "Fancy a cuppa?" is actually a doubly clever wordplay.

While helping my "adorable child" with photography critique & advice, I was inspired to (re)launch my 3rd stint of photographer biz in 2013. That explains why all my photos posted between 2009 and 2013 had German text. In fact, I still cater to that audience to this date.

The content of this site was frozen in its June 2012 state, as I suspended updates, to tend to other priorities. I still have a backlog of unposted itemsa plethora of poems, animation, drawing, writing and singing. I hope to find time to resume it soon.

Regrettably, this site is not consistently bilingual. However, I've sprinkled enough English in there, that you should be able to navigate through.

Sam  AKA  Cuppachino / Cuppa




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