News Update - August 8, 2011

Warum war ich kaum online seit März dieses Jahres, und warum ist diese Website inaktiv?

Von Mitte März bis Mai war ich mit meinen 2 Hauptaufgaben beschäftigt. Es gab eine Reihe von Großveranstaltungen der politischen Szene und in der IT-Branche. Ich war einfach mit Arbeit überlastet.

Dann sofort danach, schier zusammenfallend, musste ich im Juni und Juli ein paar persönliche Dinge erledigen.

Ich bin jetzt endlich zurück! Ich werde bald mein normales Deutsch-Lernen fortsetzen und meine Website wieder aktualisieren. Vielen Dank für Eure Geduld!

Why have I practically vanished since March of this year, leaving the web site inactive, and why was I hardly ever online?

From mid-March to May, I was preoccupied with my 2 primary duties. There had been just a back-to-back series of major events, both on the world political scene, and within the IT industry. I was simply overwhelmed with work projects, as well as important research, correspondence and preparation, etc. for my social/political advocacy.

Then, immediately thereafter, by sheer coincidence, I had to take some time off to tend to some unexpected personal matters in June and July.

Things are now more or less under control on all fronts, and I'm back. I'll soon resume my regular German learning, and keep my web site updated. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

NOTE: I write bilingually partly for the benefits of my Anglophone viewers, yes. The primary purpose, however, is to clarify what I really try to express. My German writing is still very "dangerous" as I've oft misspoken inadvertently, due to insufficient knowledge. At best, I can only produce a simplified approximation of my actual ideas.

from the desk of Cuppachino