April 1, 2010

Ode to Irregular Verbs
Ingangung* ist kein Wort

if you hear my ring, rang, rung
you must never hing, hang, hung
better learn ya Chin, Chan, Chun
loadsa chuckles bring, brang, brung

DHL-Mann ring, rang, rung
JC** Poster hing, hang, hung
wiedergeben Chin, Chan, Chun
viele Wunder bring, brang, brung

Haus of fast grammatikalisch

*   -ing, -ang, -ung (English irregular verbs)
** Jackie Chan - inside joke :P

Don't recite out-loud in the vicinity of others.

Not responsible for your arrest
by grammar police of either jurisdiction!

April, April!  

Wer sich zum Wurm macht, soll nicht klagen, wenn er getreten wird. Immanuel Kant
 "If you act like a worm, don't complain when you are stepped on."


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