1/30/2011 By popular request from my American friends, here's the rough English translation of my first* German rhyme "Mein Kumpel":

My Buddy an acrostic complimentary poem

Mirror, mirror, on the wall?
Who is the fairest of them all?

Cweet** girl with a big heart
Oft thoughtful about others' sorrow

Skilled in computers, likes to paint & draw
Without a doubt, loves Pia's*** melodies

Logical, intelligent and expressive
But never boring, always witty

The ideal daughter that I never had
A wonderful sister to wish for

Naturally, the translation broke my rhyme, and it's no longer an acrostic. I should also point out that it was written after only 11 months of German learning, and there were a few glaring grammatical errors made in my original German versionómistakes which I have since learnt from.

*It's actually my second poem in German, but my first was a non-rhyming one—simply free-form imagery & sentiments, intended as a didactic poem.

**cweet  was coined by Cocolade. It means: cute + sweet.

***Pia Douwes, a stage musical star from The Netherlands




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