Meine Welt



My singing


3. Juni 2011

Hiermit ausersehe ich
diesen Lied als meinen
3. offiziellen Titelsong.

Melodie: des englischen Traditionals „Scarborough Fair“
Songtext: Jean Frankfurter
Englisch-Übersetzung: Sam C. Chan


Meine Welt

Meine Welt ist einfach und rund
manchmal wie ein Zirkus so bunt
tausend Farben, tausend Gefühle
tausend Träume fliegen im Wind

Meine Welt hat Schatten und Licht
mein Zuhaus ist alles für mich
eine heile Welt voll Vertrauen
das ist Glück und mehr brauch ich nicht.

Das kleine Dorf am Ende der Welt
wo ein Wort und Freundschaft noch zählt
wie ein Fels in den Stürmen der Meere
wo ich sein kann, so wie ich bin

Meine Welt, darin lebst auch du
wenn ich traurig bin, hörst du zu
meine Tränen kannst du mir nehmen
weil dein Herz mich immer versteht

Meine Welt ist friedlich und klein
wo mein Herz schlägt, bin ich daheim
Da und da ist all' meine Liebe
meine Welt wird immer so sein.
My World  (translated by Sam C. Chan)

My world is simple and plain.
Sometimes as vibrant as a circus.
A thousand colors, a thousand emotions.
A thousand dreams flying in the wind.

My world has shadows and light.
My home is my everything.
An ideal world, full of trustfulness.
That is bliss and all I need.

The tiny village at the end of the world,
where a word and friendship still counts.
Like a rock in the storms of the seas,
where I can be as I am.

My world, which you also live in...
When I have sorrow, you listen to me.
You know just how to take my tears away,
for your heart understands me, always.

My world is peaceful and small.
Where my heart is beating, I call it home.
There, and there is all my love.
My world will forever be so.


This lyrical text just has a certain "je ne sais quoi" about it. Paired with a pleasant and familiar old melody, passionately sung by a crystal clear voice, immersed in poetic melancholy, it strikes me as quite an inspirational experience.

As I attempt to pinpoint that intangible quality which makes it distinctive and gravitating to me, I concluded that it must be something along the line of:

Soft words that are actually resolute-sounding. Imagery that is idealistic and paradoxically pragmatic as well. So humble on the surface, and yet so haughty in its subtext, in the best sense of the word. The allusion to the connection (perhaps in a spiritual sense) with this generic "you," is notably resonating with me.

The sentiments expressed here are quite close to those of my own. After much deliberation, I decided to designate this as my third (and German) Theme Song. It has narrowly won over the other 2 candidate songs:

  • Über sieben Brücken mußt du gehen  by Karat
  • Lust am Leben  by Anna-Maria Zimmermann



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