My Repertoire: Singing for Linguistic Learning
Mein Repertoire: Singen für die sprachliche Lernen
Mon répertoire: Chanter pour l'apprentissage linguistique

Ich kam, ich sah, ich sang.

Sing mit mir ein kleines Lied,
dass die Welt in Frieden lebt.

Ich bin Cuppa, das Singen Ausländer.

Komm aus Rochester, am Ontariosee.

Zuerst lag ich in Stummwelt, dann sing sang songi...
ich bin nicht mehr stumm!

Sing sang songi - Cuppachino singt!

Sing sang songi - Cuppachino singt...

Danke Deb, for your inquiry which led to the creation of this list. A great idea!

Updated: Dec 16, 2011

This lists only songs I've recorded
(or soon will) in their entirety,
not simply casually sing along.

Cuppachino auf Deutsch  

Recorded Title Artist Remarks: Theme, characteristics, style, type
Feb 2009
not published
O Tannenbaum ca. 1550 (Oh Christmas Tree) traditional German Christmas carol
May 2009
not published
Die Lorelei 1933 German folk song Heinrich Heine's most famous poem (1824)
Mar 2011 Nur wer noch träumen kann 2009 (Only Those Who Can Still Dream) Helene Fischer melody from Ole to Joy - Beethoven's 9th Symphony. majestic & spirited.
Jun 2011 Meine Welt 2008 (My World) Helene Fischer melody from English traditional: Scarborough Fair, with new inspirational lyrics
Jul 2011
not published
Du hast mein Herz berührt 2007 (You've Touched My Heart)
Public release Nov 13
Helene Fischer typischer moderner deutscher Schlager, sehr sentimental und gefühlvoll
Oct 2011 ori
Dec 2011 2nd rel.
Manchmal kommt die Liebe einfach so 2010 (Sometimes Love Happens Just Like That) Helene Fischer Melancholic Schlager about love happens/dies without warning, catchy melody, richly orchestrated accompaniment. SWR4 Schlagermarathon 2011 First Place Winner.
Oct 2011 Dat du min Leevsten büst 1937 plattdeutsches Volkslied das ist verrückt, dass ich auch versuche. sollte lustig sein :D
Dec 2011 Nehmt Abschied, Brüder (Take Farewell, Brothers) traditional German version of Auld Lang Syne
very Soon Lili Marleen 1939 Lale Anderson WWII fav. on both sides
very Soon Und morgen früh küss ich dich wach 2010 Helene Fischer dance club style with strong beats thru-out
very Soon Am ende sind wir stark genug 2007 Helene Fischer sharp contrast of strong beats with soft passages, fast-paced, spirited
Soon Ein bisschen Frieden 1982 Nicole 1982 Eurovision Song Contest winner
Soon Wein nicht um mich Argentinien 1977 von das Spiel "Evita" AKA "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" (which I know very well since 1998)
Soon Sag bitte nicht einmal hallo 2007 Pia Douwes An aria in German, sung by a Dutch musical theatre star. She's the grandniece of Doris Day.
Soon Bist du bei mir 1718 from an opera An aria in Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach. It's part of the Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel opera Diomedes (1718).
Soon Du läßt mich sein, so wie ich bin Helene Fischer  
2012? Nur ein Lied 1989 Thomas Forstner Eurovision 1989 Austrian entry, in German. Poetic, sentimental and didactic; without being overly preachy. Melodically inspirational as well. Pop style orchestration.
2012? Lust am Leben 2009 Anna Maria Zimmermann Very upbeat and very fast. forceful and resolute.
2012? Sag mir, wo die Blumen sind 1962 Juliane Werding folk song: where have all the flowers gone
2012? Über sieben Brücken musst du geh'n 1993 Karat, Peter Maffay You Must Cross Over 7 Bridges
2012? Nur ein Wort 2005 Wir sind Helden German alternative rock/new wave

 Cuppachino en français 

Learnt Recorded Title Artist Remarks: Theme, characteristics, style, type
2006 Oct 2011 Ballade irlandaise 1958 Bourvil  
2007 started Je m'appelle Hélène 1993 Hélène Rollès  
1976? very soon Les feuilles mortes 1945 Yves Montand a classic
1975? very soon L'amour est bleu 1967 Vicky Leandros Made famous by the Paul Mauriet instrumental version
2006 soon L'amitié 1965 Françoise Hardy  
2007 soon Dis moi au revoir 1968 Petula Clark French rendering of her famous song: Kiss Me Goodbye
2011 soon C'est le refrain de ma vie 1964 Petula Clark  
2007 2012? L'accord parfait 1993 Autour de Lucie Melancholic. Philosophical and metaphorical.
2008 2012? L'autre bout du monde 2006 Emily Loizeau  
1977 2012? L'oiseau et l'enfant 1977 Marie Myriam Winner 1977 Eurovision Song Contest, by a Portuguese singer representing France. The song was wildly popular in Hong Kong and several other places.
2006 2012? Décrocher les étoiles 2002 Keren Ann  
2006 2012? Jardin d'hiver 2002 Keren Ann  
2008 2012? Je suis jalouse 2007 Emily Loizeau A cute, humorous, crisp, contemporary French song
2006 2013? Message personnel 1973 Françoise Hardy Huge challenge: 1:40 long very expressive spoken bridge, cadenced, sync to music

 Cuppachino в русских песен

Learnt Recorded Title Artist Remarks: Theme, characteristics, style, type
1975? 2012? Подмосковные вечера Vladimir Troshin known as "Midnight in Moscow"
1980 2012? Калинка Russian folk song known as "Kalinka"


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