Nehmt Abschied, Brüder  

Auld Lang Syne   German version

Meine gefühlvoll Interpretation :)

My sentimental rendition
as a linguistic challenge

Original Release
16. DEZ 2011
2nd Rel. 23. DEZ
3rd Rel. 31. DEZ

My German Learning


Singers:  Sam C. Chan  with The Cuppasklonen Choir

Accompaniment Adaptation:  Sam C. Chan

English Lyrics Translation:  Sam C. Chan

Lyrics:  Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft St. Georg (DPSG)

Melody:  Scottish Traditional  (Auld Lang Syne)

download 128 Kbps Stereo

Audio Engineering:  Sam C. Chan

This is my fast-track production: only 2 weeks from conception to release, with accompaniment sourcing, adaptation and production, linguistic learning, etc. all cramped in.

For a 1-man part-time production team, that's truly breakneck pace, versus my normal 6- to 7-week cycle. Considering that I'm an absolutely amateur performer, and a beginner learner of spoken German, it's really quite a feat.

DEC 23, 2011 In retrospect, my original release was premature. Part of it is just awful! Apologies to early listeners. Now with improved pronunciation & singing.

DEC 31 Further refinement in pronunciation. Added my own bass backing vocals for first 3 refrains. Completely re-recorded  final chorus with proper production.

see old releases below

My rendition is expressive, sentimental and slow. Singing style is plain and light (but not airy), with particular emphasis on enunciation—I might come across as "trying too hard." Recording style is intimate, crisp, warm and low dynamic range.

Yet another addition to my already ambitious
Vocal Répertoire for an absolute amateur.

Inspired by, and produced as a part of
Project: 2011 Calendar

Sing mit mir
ein kleines
Lied, dass
die Welt in
Frieden lebt.

The end of 2011 is upon us.
It's been an eventful year
on so many fronts.
I produced this piece
to mark the occasion,
as I bid it farewell.

see also  Current Feature: 
Manchmal kommt die Liebe einfach so
my best-performed, best-produced piece

now in

Goodbye 2011!   Ade!   Adieu!   Ciao!   Tschüssie!   Tschüs mit ü!

Nehmt Abschied Brüder,
ungewiss ist alle Wiederkehr,
Die Zukunft liegt in Finsternis
und macht das Herz uns schwer.

Der Himmel wölbt sich übers Land,
ade, auf Wiedersehen.
Wir ruhen all in Gottes Hand,
lebt wohl, auf Wiedersehen.

Die Sonne sinkt, es steigt die Nacht,
vergangen ist der Tag.
Die Welt schläft ein und leis
erwacht der Nachtigallen Schlag.

So ist in jedem Anbeginn
das Ende nicht mehr weit.
Wir kommen her und gehen hin
und mit uns geht die Zeit.

Nehmt Abschied Brüder, schliesst
den Kreis, das Leben ist ein Spiel.
Nur wer es recht zu leben weiss,
gelangt ans große Ziel.

Take farewell brothers,
all reunion is un-assured,
The future lies in darkness,
and makes our hearts heavy.

The sky arches over the land.
Farewell. Goodbye.
We all rest within God's hand.
Farewell. Goodbye.

The sun sinks. It raises the night.
Gone is the day.
The world falls asleep and softly
awakens the nightingales' jug.

Right from every beginning
is the end already not far off.
We come here and go back,
and the time goes with us.

Take leave brothers.
Close the circle. Life is a game.
Only those who know how to live right,
will reach the ultimate goal.

Previous Versions, Q&A, Notes & Commentaries


Ich mag den Part, in dem mehrere Sams singen. =) Hast du diese Stelle wirklich mehrmals gesungen oder hast du den einen Text einfach mehrfach abspielen lassen?


Wie bitte??   Weißt du nicht... es ist eine große Familie von Samsklonen hier? Hab' ich dir schon gesagt, dass meine Lebensmittelgeschäft Rechnung sehr teuer ist?! :D    mhm... 
Du glaubst mir nicht, oder?      OK...  Here's how I've done it:

I mixed the final refrain with the 3x previous refrains that I have sung. I then duplicated that with a slight delay, effectively yielding a total of 8 voices :) If I just use a single track over and over, it’d sound mechanical and echo-like, not natural chorus effect.


Pronunciation Accuracy & Accent Reduction:

 the saga continues...

Many down, a few more to go...

At my 3rd release, I'm basically pleased with the current level of pronunciation and accent in this piece. However, there's certainly room for improvement, and tackling those remaining weaknesses is well within my abilities. I shall slowly but surely chip them away. With any luck, it'd be refined to near perfection, before I'm aged to perfection!

Words corrected/improved: nehmt, Zukunft, steigt, Nacht vergangen, jedem, Zeit, wer, große, Ziel. To be refined: Himmel, recht, wir, all, ungewiss, schwer, Zukunft, schläft, erwacht

Note: I have no plans to devote further efforts to improve this piece on the singing side, even though there are still spots plagued by faltering voice. The overall production is now polished enough to be presentable. I will now focus on the remaining linguistic flaws and endeavor to minimize them.

It all started as a challenge  in early 2011...

for my 2nd Anniversary...
then it somehow took off from there!

my ambitious Vocal Répertoire

 my best-performed piece

The practice tracks are here not to torture you, but for mentors and fellow learners, to provide critiques, and for insight and experience sharing purposes.

Day 12 practice session

Day 8 practice session

Day 1 learning

ARCHIVE: My original release on December 16, 2011
2nd release on Dec. 23, 2011 * A cappella track
Final chorus (quite nicely done.
musically & technically)



my best-performed, best-produced piece

Re-recorded version released: Dec 25, 2011

Ich bin Cuppa, das Singen Ausländer.

Komm aus Rochester, am Ontariosee.

Zuerst lag ich in Stummwelt, dann sing sang songi...
ich bin nicht mehr stumm!

Sing sang songi - Cuppachino singt!

Sing sang songi - Cuppachino singt...



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