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Bockenheimer Warte U-Bahn-Station in Frankfurt am Main. (Subway Station in Frankfurt, Germany.)

U-Bahn Logo

Rundblick über die Bockenheimer Warte von der Gräfstraße (L) bis zum Bockenheimer Depot (R)

Behind the Scene

Ich glaube, es ist
ein bisschen zu dunkel
und langweilig hier.

Es ist Zeit für
ein wenig


The subway station seemed a bit dark and boring. So I decided to redecorate.
It turned out quite nicely, and it's all completed on time and under budget!

I started by creating sheets of artistic ceramic tiles from Coco's drawing, to cover up the pillars and brighten up.

Next, I replaced all the posters with paintings by my friends and me, along with a completed 1000-pc puzzle.

I added 2 overhead digital signage boxes with aqua-teal glowing analog clocks.

Placing a tube of Pringles potato chips every 10 meters or so, and a stuffed animal I got from my friend rounded out this fun Ingenium Maximus.

Plus, many unmentioned surprises (inside jokes for my friends)

Yes, the train number is indeed
a literary allusion.

I have taken  a few "snapshots" at the scene.

Click on the preview
to see the larger picture.

It all started with a joke, with just 1 painting on the wall.  I immediately saw the potential and rapidly developed it into something much more elaborate.

It has since become a "webdev" demo for my clients & other developers.

I'm also using it as teaching tool and example material in my training.

It's the kind of work which allows me to combine serious business, technical challenges, and my juvenile sense of humor  :]

... and even my advocacies.

Yes, every object here is "make believe"—even the embroidery (Stickerei)!

Only the station  background is real and completely un-retouched.

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