Published: April 1, 2009    (original XLS file)

Updated: March 1, 2011

2-Year Old!  MAR 1 2011

  • March will be a month of review, reflection, regrouping and rejuvenation.
  • I'll write another update within the next 2 weeks.

1-Year Anniversary Update MAR 4 2010

  • I consider my vocabulary schedule roughly on-track
    • Estimated Study Hours spent: 410 (vs. projected 186, excluding socializing hours)
    • Words Learnt estimated to be around 900 (vs. projected 1580) with high retention ratio
  • Shortly after I started, I deviated from my original goals:
    • from gaining practical abilities strictly for literary access and political advocacy purposes
    • to adding personal enjoyment & general advancement. It essentially became part of my life.
    • my level of situation awareness & cultural understanding far exceeded original projection
    • this was accomplished at the expense of aggressive vocabulary building
  • Mentors Availability:
    • My good fortune continues: I came across a steady stream of willing & able new helpers
    • Bine: Without you, my progress would have been slower and more frustrating. Danke!
  • The new found German skills have already changed my life
    • I find it enjoyable, challenging and exciting
    • It tangibly contributed to my access of information and global contacts
    • My world view is vastly broadened, with added clarity to boot
    • I am simultaneously made proud and humbled
    • I am a better teacher and human being today

Initial Notes: APR 1 2009

  • 4-phase plan
    • span over 15-year period
    • Month: Based on 21 Weekdays
    • Year: Based on 250 Weekdays (2 weeks off)
  • Incorporates Uncle Davey's vocabulary-building/memorization/reinforcement system
    • based on handwriting and keeping of journey for periodic review
    • Credit goes to my dear friend Jaaa for enthusiastically recommending and endorsing it.
  • Assuming sustained availability of competent and motivated native speaker tutor
    • during the first 2 phases
    • Jess und Coco: Vielen Dank für deine unermüdliche Hilfe!
  • Based on my personal preferences, abilities, resources available
    • Your mileage may vary
    • Initial field report (at week 6) from yours truly indicates that this is feasible and sustainable

At The End Of Total Hours Spent 8-hour
Work Day
University Semester
3rd Month           91            11           1.1
1st Year         186            23           2.2
3rd Year         311            39           3.7
6th Year         373            47           4.4
10th Year         456            57           5.4
15th Year         561            70           6.6

To put the efforts in perspective...

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