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How I Discovered LiveMocha

by Cuppachino
April 10, 2009

It was July 2008... I had just finished writing an emotionally draining pieceyet another installment for my Forth of July Communiqué series...  To relax and cheer up, I hopped onto Rémy's excellent Basic French series on YouTube, which I had been following. He mentioned his blog during that episode, which I promptly checked out. Among other things, he was featuring:

  • A music video Je suis jalouse by French singer Emily Loizeau—a catchy, crisp, very upbeat and humorously cute song. Shortly afterward, I went on to become a fan of Emily Loizeau. (Her mother is British, which explains the English first name)   Merci, Rémy !
  • A video clip by fellow youtuber SpeedConKiwi. Kiwi was teaching basic conversational German, which at the time I watched with only mild interest, even though I was intending to learn it at some point.  I just wasn't prepared to take on another language, until I've mastered basic French. As fate would have it, 7 months later, I dived into German head first (unrelated to this video).

  • Kiwi recommend that her viewers check out this cool new site in beta; and the rest was history...

[edit: MARCH 2010]  6 weeks after I signed up, I became very active, for 8 solid months. Then I took a full-year hiatus, before returning again...   TO BE CONTINUED

How I Discovered LiveMocha.comConnect The Dots - Bravo Studio

Since I first discovered this site, I've deemed its community unique and unmatched. The highly motivated crowd of linguistic learners and experts alike, naturally coincide with the demographic group which is: international-minded, intellectual, adventurous and friendly.

Incidentally, as one starts learning languages and cultures, immunity against xenophobic deceases builds, and there's no turning back.

On behalf of appreciative Mocharians everywhere, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank LiveMocha for its valuable service to humanity.

Cuppachino  Nov. 8, 2008






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