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German Stille Wasser sind tief.
French Il n'est pire l'eau que celle qui dort.
Mfie-toi de l'eau qui dort.
Latin Altissima queaque flumina minimo sono labi

still waters run deep

  • quiet people oft have deep thoughts
  • he who appears simple and boring could actually be very complex and interesting

German Es ist nicht alles Gold was glnzt
French Les apparences sont trompeuses.

all that glitters is not gold

  • appearances are deceptive
German die Katze im Sack kaufen
French acheter chat en poche
Dutch een kat in de zak kopen
Spanish dar gato por liebre
Portuguese trocar gato por lebre
Russian купить кота в мешке
Greek αγοράζω γουρούνι στο σακί
Latvian pirkt kaķi maisā
Norwegian kjpe katta i sekken
Polish kupić kota w worku
Swedish kpa grisen i scken

buy a pig in a poke

  • to make a risky purchase without inspecting the item beforehand
  • to accept an idea or plan without full understanding of its basis



German Laß mich!
French Laisse-moi tranquille !
Icelandic Láttu mig í friði!
Dutch Laat me met rust!
Spanish ¡Déjeme en paz! 
Italian Lasciami in pace!  Vattene!
Russian Оставьте меня в покое!  (Ostav'te menja v pokoe)
Swedish Lämna mig ifred!
Japanese ほっといて! (hottoite!)
Portuguese Me deixa em paz! (Brazil)
Latvian Lieciet mani mierā!
Polish Zostaw mnie!
Romanian Lăsa-mă în pace!
Ukrainian Залиште мене у спокої! (Zalyšte mene u spokoji)

leave me alone!

  • only informal form is listed here, for obvious reasons










a flash in the pan

German Strohfeuer eine Eintagsfliege
French un feu de paille
  • non-substantive, lacking staying power
  • don't buy the hype
  • all that glitters is not gold

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Future entries:

Instead of the usual greetings and frequently taught basic phrases, I decided to take a path less traveled, and feature some of the slightly off-the-wall entries (useful nevertheless).
  • you're the apple of my eye
  • let the cat out of the bag
  • back to square one
  • dressed to the nines
  • paper tiger
  • piece of cake
  • eye candy
  • face the music
  • dark horse
  • don't have a clue
  • delusions of grandeur
  • the powers that be
  • a fish out of water


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