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Making all consecutive <BR> single is tolerable (effectively banning even single blank line)

Completely striping out all <BR> resulting in unintelligible blobs with multiple words merged without space, is brutally un-cool! This is after alla linguistics site!

UPDATE: This was finally FIXED after months. Thank you!

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Featured Reviews: Linguistically interesting - DISCUSSION OF SPECIFIC GRAMMATICAL TOPICS, ETC.
Méli: Last vacation grammatical corrections with detailed annotationsfor a very articulated (in her native FR) and serious EN learner
Lyrach: Tragedy Scholastic critique
Méli: Your school
Méli: Hair uncountable nouns, also/too, like/as
Adeliine: Describe people Run-on, punctuation
Rosi: Park "idyllic"
Méli: Directions annotated clip
Méli: Self intro noble attitude
Méli: Favorites like something so much
Jessica: Favorite German Meal
Fifi: Blanched chicken: bon appétite
Fifi: Vacation colors, lists, with/of
Elena: Hair word order, run-on
Elena: in/on the street advanced prepositions

English Writing:
Rina: Live in peace. Mocha commentary.
Ladara: Morning Routine
Jamie 阿峻: What are people doing?
Tarek: jean/jeans
Claudia: fish/fishes
Anuka: Underwater restaurant
Maureplain: Favorite Meal (Brittany)
Juliane: Today is
KK: Dubai directions
Emma: announcements, about to...
Ivy: Clothes
Grazielle: Directions Imperative form
Lenchik: Transportation "quiet" music
Leidiane: Being/Not Being
Maxim: Customary terms usage

French Writing:
Destiny: Ma famille ligature, HTML tags filtering
Destiny: Les transports et les vacances
Destiny: Brève présentation
Dawn: "Free" French/English usage

Décrire les personnes et les objets
    Joel   Danica   BlueDolphin
Greenbean: Basic French sounds

Cocolade: Seattle Space Needle
Jessica: Wine Region
Pacelli: Can/can't
Chris: Prof late assignment policy
Catherine: Fav movie Demo Extreme Deciphering
Ifeier: Natural Intonation
Patrizia: Wine Regions Correcting other comments
Fifi: Favorite, Rail
Jamie 阿峻: Describing Objects...

Chinese Writing/Speaking:
Méli: Where are they? Comments en français
Detailed explanation of Chinese grammatical concepts,
  from an English/French speaker's perspective (in French)

Méli: What are people doing? More Chinese grammar explained (in French).

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